About the Project

Why is this project only for coffee and not for other kinds of merchants?

BCH Coffee follows the philosophy that "you have to start somewhere." By targeting only coffee shops, we hope to create awareness that no matter where you go you can always buy coffee with BCH.

Why Bitcoin Cash, and not BTC?

Bitcoin Cash is a much better fit for merchants because it is committed to being a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and it has consistently low fees. The BTC network is unreliable due to congestion and erratic fees. For more information, please see this video.

Why are you doing this?

I started buying bitcoin in late 2013 and was really disappointed by the refusal of Bitcoin Core to scale on-chain in 2017. I am trying to help make it right. I really believe in Bitcoin (now Bitcoin Cash) and I think this is a necessary effort to grow merchant adoption.

I’m a developer or web designer, can I contribute to the project?

Absolutely. Please contact me at rewards@bchcoffee.org.

How is BCH Coffee different from bchpizza?

There is no minimum amount of BCH you can send to your city, no video or signed messages are required, a bitpay bill and a picture of the store's "Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here" sticker are required. Some other minor things as well.

About Security

Are the rewards secure from hackers?

This site uses cold storage to protect all BCH funds from being hacked or stolen. All transactions are signed offline, so there is pretty much no way for funds to be stolen by a hacker.

Is there a way to remove the need to trust you alone to escrow the money?

Yes, if another trusted member of the BCH community comes forward and agrees to be a cosigner on multisig addresses for each city. Needless to say, this greatly complicates the functioning of the site and would thus require that that person be dedicated, responsible and punctual.

About Offering Rewards

Can I offer a reward for a specific coffee shop?

The closest you can come to this is offering a reward for your city. Rewards are open to any coffee shop in the city or region they pertain to and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do regional rewards work?

Regional rewards can be claimed by onboarding a shop in any major city within that region with a population of at least 70,000. Cities with their own reward will have the highest regional reward as well as the world reward added to their total when they are claimed.

What happens if more than one person posts a reward to the same city?

Multiple rewards posted to the same location are cumulative. For instance, if Alice posts 0.1 BCH to Houston, Texas, and Bob posts 0.3 BCH to Houston, Texas, then there will be a total reward of 0.4 BCH for that location. Once the reward is claimed, it will be reset and start all over again until a new claim for a new shop is submitted.

Are there any incentives offered to those who reach out to businesses and onboard them?

Yes, they can claim half of the reward.

Can I change the location of a reward for funds that I’ve already deposited?

No. That would be a burden to manage and a disruption of the incentive.

How did you choose the cities with their own reward and can I pick my own city that's not on the list?

These cities were requested the BCH community. However, anyone willing to offer a reward of more than 0.05 BCH may have their city added to the list by contacting rewards@bchcoffee.org. Furthermore, regional and world rewards can be claimed in any city with a population of at least 70,000, even if it's not listed.

What happens if no one claims the reward that I deposited for a long time. Can I get the money back?

If no one claims the reward within 60 days of your transaction, you may contact us for the reward deposit to be returned. Refunds will not be provided after 180 days from the transaction date or for transactions less than 0.01 BCH. What happens after I offer the reward?

The site continually monitors all reward addresses. You should see the amount reflected immediately after (or soon after) refreshing the page. If you notice that there is a problem, please contact me.

How much money is a good amount to offer for a reward?

Everything helps.

Is there a minimum reward size?

No, All rewards are automatically accumulated until someone claims them, so there is no minimum. However, to avoid having to deal with "dust", rewards will only be eligible for refunds if they are greater than 0.01 BCH.

Can I offer a reward in a different currency than BCH?

No, but you can always you use websites like Evercoin.com and Shapeshift.io to convert other cryptocurrencies in to BCH. A newer alternative is Sideshift.ai but you may need a referral code.

About Claiming Rewards

Who decides if a reward was rightfully earned, and how?

All claims will be showcased in the BCHcoffee reddit including picture and location. When enough users corroborate that the shop exists and accepts BCH the claim will be considered valid.

I own a coffee shop. Can I submit a claim for my own shop?

Definitely, yes.

Is it ok to claim rewards for shops that sell way more than just coffee?

Any kind of eatery, cafe, lounge or bar where you can get coffee is fine. I doubt the community will deny a reward for any legit shop that is accepting BCH. At the end of the day the goal is Bitcoin adoption.

How long does it take to receive reward after I submit a claim?

The same amount of time it takes me to verify the claim. If your claim is clearly legitimate then it will be verified probably within a day or two at most, assuming there are not a lot of claims to process. Using bitpay and having people corroborate your claim will definitely speed things up. If your claim is shady you will not get paid, ever, so don't waste your time.

What happens if more than one claim is made for the same reward at the same time?

Whenever a claim is received, the corresponding reward will be marked as "Pending" on the rewards page. *Notice: Claims that are immediately verifiable will take precedence over claims that are not, even if they were submitted at a later time. Therefore, a claim may still be attempted on pending rewards. Verified claims that are submitted too late will still be eligible for future rewards whenever the claimant chooses by simply sending an email stating that they wish to collect their reward. On the off chance that two or more immediately-verifiable claims are made before the site can be updated, the reward will be split equally.

How can merchants start accepting Bitcoin Cash for their business.

The first step for most merchants is to open an account with Bitpay. If a merchant is interested in holding BCH they can use the bitcoin.com (or any other) SPV wallet app with or without the Bitcoin Cash Register app.

What happens once a reward is collected for a city?

When a coffee shop and the claimant collect a reward, it will be proudly listed on the main page of this site (and others) as a BCH merchant along with their location and contact info. The reward is reset and will accumulate again until another person claims it.

Is it possible that the rules regarding claiming rewards may change over time?

Yes. Because this is still a new concept, rules may need to be changed in order to protect the integrity of the project.

Miscellaneous Questions

Can other websites and apps use the listings generated here in their own BCH merchant directories?

Yes, I encourage other Bitcoin Cash or cryptocurrency listing services to use our data.

Can I copy this idea and use it for other BCH adoption projects like tacos or laundromats?

Sure! But don't do it for pizza or coffee because those are already being done!

What if some coffee shops claim the reward but then don't stay committed to BCH, or what if they start accepting BCH but not enough customers actually use it?

There will naturally be some opportunism and slow consumer usage to start with, but we're going to spearhead merchant adoption anyway. All steps toward usage and adoption are helpful.

Do 100% of the funds collected go directly to merchants and claimants or are there any kind of fees/overhead that go toward running this website and operation?

Indeed 100% of the funds collected go directly the merchant (50%) and the claimant (50%). The time and effort required to run this site are NOT paid for in any part with the rewards. However, since this is a volunteer project I do accept donations at the address shown below.

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