The first step in claiming a reward is signing up a coffee shop for bitpay (or a BCH wallet if they prefer). Rewards may be claimed by anyone who submits proof that a coffee shop has started accepting Bitcoin Cash as payment. The reward will be split equally between the shop and the claimant. To claim a reward, please send an email to containing the following items to prove your claim:

  • Picture
    Take a picture of the shop window with a "Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here" Sticker.

  • You can buy high quality weather-resistant 'Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here' stickers in the shop.
  • Google Maps Link
    Provide a link to the coffee shop on google maps.
  • Merchant's Bitpay Bill Request
    Have the shop send a bill request to for half the reward (OR their BCH address if they prefer not to use bitpay). Bitpay is available in these countries. Instructions for emailing a bitpay bill can be found here.
  • Claimant's BCH address

*In order to significantly speed up your claim, post the shop's picture and maps link in r/BCHcoffee. When others confirm that they are able to spend BCH at the shop, your claim will be complete.

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